Cata was born on the 28th of May in a small town in Romania, right in heart of the Transylvania region. His most vivid memory of his childhood is seeing the jasmine flowers overlaying the sublime blue sky. The second great memory is linked to the warmth of the room heated by a wood stove. Those were very cold nights from which he also remembers the howling and whistling of the strong wind coming from outside, combined with the crackling sound of the burning wood. The universe that he grew up in was soaked with powerful images that stimulated his creativity to stage all sorts of stories around them. With endless scenarios in his mind, he was tempted to think that will become an actor or a filmmaker. Despite this, he chose a different path, choosing a strict and contemplative domain. In 2003 he licensed in Philosophy and a year later, in Classical Languages, where he specialized in Latin and Ancient Greek. 

Albeit becoming a professor wasn’t on my mind, I professed for a year at “Babeș-Bolyai” University of Cluj-Napoca, where I taught Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and Ancient Greek. Ultimately, what the academic formation did was to polish my creativity and offered another level of profoundness to understanding art. In the beginning, seduced by cinematography, I started making short films and advertisement ads. The process of learning to film, cut, mount and edit have impelled me to also learn about software products. For me, this opened a door to another way of visual expression. 

Professional expertise

As a natural extension of his studies regarding the dynamic symmetry, the philosophy of color, fine arts, geometry and drama, he decided on creating a series of images named Dreamland. The two dimensions of this project will act upon the final product just as vectors do. From a theoretical perspective, Cata created a universe wrapped in alternative realities from various photos caught on camera. By applying the rules of dynamic symmetry or the ones of the expression of the values of the color (in other words, rules used in painting), he tried to achieve in making a photographic product that will be interpreted as one belonging to the fine arts category. One of the greatest challenges is to go beyond the frame of a square painting. This will lead us to the second vector that Cata was talking about, the one that refers to emotional impact and sensitivity. 

His imagery

Based on the fact that shaped and figures will not be constrained by the boundary of the image, but in fact, they will continue beyond in the world not yet created, the beholder will immerse into the image and will be surrounded by all its portrayals. He is now an active contributor from the inside and he will be the one to find the essence of the image and solve the most subtle and hidden meanings. In other words, he will be the conscience that will determent the existence of the image and will discover its abstract concepts from and for which it was created. To summarize in one sentence, Cata invites the viewer to reach a profound intellectual experience, despite the fact that visual perception is purely sensorial.