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for every lie, the truth lay underneath it

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Now, when I remember my first contact with Parmenide poem about nature, I stil feel the amazing vibration of the first lyrics. In that period, I was at an age in which searching the truth was not my first goal in life. Despite that, the power of the poem trilled me deeply. After I grew up a bit, I came back to Parmenide and his amazing thoughts about TRUTH, FALSE, UNICITY and MOVEMENT. 
I set out to create an image which should be able to represent the moment when the Philosopher arrived at the Godess’s house. In order to find the deep and real Truth, I believe that we have to imagine that we, people, are all identical in essence. We cannot say anything about “other” because we are not sure if “other” is a reality, and therefore if it exists. At the first glance, maybe is hard to understand, but I think is worth the effort to reflect on it. For the seeker of Truth, the enlightment should not be a matter of pride or arrogance, but a matter of humilty and inner peace. Begging for the Truth, expecting to receive the revelation means to ignore the fact that this journey is solitary, intimate, difficult and personal.
The Godess will speak with our voice, but maybe, sometimes, this voice is dimmed by the noise of the “big cities”. Even though sometimes we feel that we are surrounded by a creepy shadow and we are unable to see the difference between light and darkness, we should not stop! For every lie, there is a truth underneath

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